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Dirk Ehlert

Film-, TV & Trailer music composer, audiophile, instructor, recording artist

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About Dirk

Music Is Emotion

Dirk is an award winning composer (BMI) based near Berlin, Germany. His music has been used for feature films, games,filmtrailers, advertising and a wide range of TV Networks like Bravo, MTV, HBO and NBC.

Having played in various bands from an early age on, studying music was just a logical consequence. With a mixture of University education and ongoing autodidactic studies Dirk always aims to capture the essence of emotion in his cues.

In 2012 he won the G-Tech Driven Creativity Competition in category “Music Professional” with his track “Coherence” with a following exhibition of his work in London. Recent projects include feature film scores for “Monumental” (2014), Infiltrators (2013), The Possession Experiment (2015) or a placement in the latest TV campaign for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

Dirk works as a trailer and library music composer with dos brains, BrandX, UniPPM, Killer Tracks and Really Slow Motion.

He is also the host of the education programme "Composing With Virtual Instruments" providing composing live streams, sample library walkthroughs and more.

Besides working as a composer Dirk is also beta tester and demo writer for various sample library developers.

Film Scoring

Though Dirks musical roots are based in Symphonic Rock Music he's grown a wide array of styles to capture the emotional essence of a scene. You can find some examples of his scoring work here.

Production Music

Dirk works and writes for various labels and production music houses. His trailer music is distributed by dos brains and RSM. He also works for different catalogues like BrandX, Killer Tracks, Firstcom Music, CouldB Entertainment NY, Universal PM, Heavy Melody, Premiumbeat and others.

Buy Music

Dirk has released some of his works on digital stores worldwide and on Spotify. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon or any other digital store of your choice.

Composing With Virtual Instruments

Scoring Tutorials

Under the title of "Composing With Virtual Instruments" Dirk hosts a live stream show on Twitch where he walks through various DAW setups, composing and mixing techniques, as well as sample library walkthroughs.

For more info please visit the new website

New album Elements

Coming soon

It was back on October 2016 when I (and my wife) met with Guillermo of dos brains at the Cheescake Factory in downtown Santa Monica. Till that point I had been working with dos brains on a few industry releases and custom trailers. It was that afternoon, when Guillermo and I decided to go a different route and start working on my first "trailer industry" solo album. I can only say, that I am eternally grateful for Guillermos trust and giving me this opportunity.

After more than half a year of developing themes, fine tuning the sounds of the template and planning for live performances, we're now in the finalizing stages of the album. "Elements" will contain 15 tracks, featuring 5 different world class vocalists, live cello and violin. "Elements" will come as a public release and a (slightly altered) industry release via dos brains "Silver Screen" label. The album artwork and tracklisting will be revealed soon. So long, I hope you enjoy these snippets of the upcoming album. Lot of love Dirk

Written by Dirk Ehlert
Produced by Guillermo de la Barreda (dos brains)
Mixed & Mastered by Mathieu Hallouin
Vocal performances by Ùyanga Bold, Celica Soldream, Gaby Koss, Julie Elven, Merethe Soltvetd, Laurie Ann Haus
Cello performances by Vesislava Todorova and Caro Teruel
Cover Artwork: Ryo Ishido (tba)


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